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"The CCF at Pate's provides me with un-rivalled opportunities to develop my leadership skills, the responsibility is real and I am exceptionally proud of the section I lead. I have learnt so many 'life skills' along the way." (Year 13 Pupil)

Annual Inspection

PGS CCF are hosting Lt Col Sharman for our Annual Inspection on the 28th Apr 2023. The Contingent will undertake various training throughout the day to demonstrate the skills they have developed over their time in the CCF. These inspections play an important part in the CCF’s Calendar when the MOD visit to perform a health check of the Contingent and the Reviewing Officer completes a report to CCF Governance Agencies after his visit. The day will culminate in a Parade which the whole Contingent will be take part in at 1600 on the Tennis Courts, all Parents are welcome for this part of the day only. After the Parade, Year 13 Cadet’s Parents will then be welcome into OED for Refreshments and a chat with the Reviewing Officer and Contingent Staff.


Timings were published via the Headmasters Message


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